10 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are complicated, we all know this. But if there’s something that everyone wants from them, it’s the special comfort and trust that only our partner can give us when we’re with him/her/they.

On this occasion, we’re gonna go through 10 signs of a healthy relationship so you can spot which things you’re doing right with your significant other, and which ones need some fine-tuning:

1.- You can be Alone, Together.

Sometimes the most important part of a relationship is to be able to share the same space with your special someone without getting in their way, if you’re able to do your own thing while they mind their own business, and feel comfortable around them, it means you two can be alone while being together, and that’s awesome.

2.- Laughing Together Under the Rain.

If you are a person who believes in signs, please look for this one on your relationship. If you’ve ever gone through a very bad situation with your partner, and even at the very worst you’ve been able to laugh with them, you have a trooper on your side and you should cherish him/her/they!

3.- Honesty goes a long way.

How often are you able to speak your concerns with your partner, or at least being able to tell them about a mistake you made? If your answer is “all the time” you’re on the right path, because honesty is the foundation of any healthy relationship, and if you can’t trust your partner, who can you trust?

4.- There’s no “I” in Team.

Healthy relationships are based on sharing responsibilities and obligations, as well as having the support and help of your better half. If you can count on them to have your back when you need them, your all-star team is destined for greatness!

5.- But “I” it’s the first letter in Independence.

Some couples take the previous tip too seriously and never let go of one another. Independence is fundamental for couples to succeed in the long term, and it has to be encouraged between you and your partner. Encourage them to pursue new interests on their own! To see their friends! They need you to know you’ll be okay and that you have a lifetime ahead of sharing time.

6.- Healthy Couples Bring the Best of Each Other Out.

One of the most notable signs of a healthy relationship it’s all about how couples tend to help each other to become better versions of themselves, by support, patience, and constant advice. If you’re following a new passion or interest, and your partner stands beside you, the only right course of action is to respond in the same way, right?

7.- Trust Beyond Anything.

Trust has to be earned, and if you’re in a good relationship, at this point you trust on your partner in the same way you trust on your right hand, this is only a side-effect of someone always being there for you, do not be alarmed!

8.- You can be Yourself in Front of Them.

It is fairly common to try to impress the opposite sex, but when you’re in a healthy relationship, your partner will accept you and love you just as much when you’ve spent an hour getting ready to go out, or just when you woke up.

9.- And Also Understand They’re Also Human.

Most relationships start with us being so infatuated by this new special person in our lives, that we tend to not look at things closely, but if you’re in a healthy relationship, you’ll understand in time that people have defects and nobody’s perfect, but you can love them anyway, because they’ll do the same for you.

10.- Finally, and Most Importantly, The Cookie Theory.

If you’re in a healthy relationship, there’s a good chance at some point you’ll find yourself either eating the last cookie from the jar, or being the one who didn’t get to eat it, either way, people in a healthy relationship will only react to this problem in one way, which is, obviously, buying more cookies, and possibly, a bigger cookie jar.