11 Questions To Ask A Guy

Imagine going on a first date and no one is talking to another. Not because both of you do not want to talk but because you just don’t know what to talk about. There are numerous conversation starters just for you. Of course, you do not want to go talking about terrorism and poverty on a first date, do you? At the same time, don’t just make everything about love. You do not even know your date yet. These are some of the questions you can ask him just to start a conversation and keep it going. Part 1 of 2:

1. What do you love most about life?This question will get him to tell you what he is passionate about, his values, and fantasies.

2. Do you love cooking and what is your favorite recipe?
If he is the type that doesn’t even go near the kitchen, you will know. Knowing his favorite recipe can make you develop an interest of tasting the food.

3. If you won a free vacation today, what will be the first destination in your mind?
This question will enable you to know his dream country, city, or continent.

4. What amuses you the most?
Asking this query will help you know some of the things that make him happy and lively. From there, you will know what kind of things to do or say to lift his spirit up when he is down.

5. What happens on a typical day for you?
Giving you a breakdown of his day’s activities can help you know his free time and what he does everyday.

6. Do you love TV shows? Which ones do you enjoy most?
Types of TV shows he watches can tell what kind of person he is. They can be educational, comedy, drama, or technology.

7. What do you do for recreation?
Hobbies are what couples value most. Enjoying some time together and doing what they love most is a good feeling. Is he an introvert that would rather lie in his bathtub than go out hiking?

8. Do you keep in touch with your ex-girlfriends?
Many relationships do not end on a good note. If he is the kind that still communicates with his exes, this means he is a friendly person who doesn’t hold grudges.

9. Tell me about your ambitions.
By asking this, you will be able to paint a picture of the future him from the answers he will give you.

10. Who is the most important person in your life?
You will know whether he values family, friends, neighbors, or any other group of people. Mentioning that one person will help you know what kind of person he is.

11. Are you enjoying my company?
This can sound a little weird. You may get a lie for an answer if he does not want to hurt you. However, you can read his face to know if he’s telling the truth or not.

You need to keep the first date lively by asking all the questions you have. You will be learning about him in every question. Just make sure a strange silence does not occur between the two of you.