4 Steps to Stay High Value when He Doesn’t Text or Call

Have you ever worked up the courage to give your number to some guy, only to never hear from them? What about carrying on a conversation for a day or two, and then getting ghosted? If this has happened to you, don’t worry. You are not alone. However, how can a woman keep her head high after being rejected right from the start? Here are 4 steps to stay high value when he doesn’t text or call.

1. Keep yourself busy

A high-value woman doesn’t spend her day looking at her phone and hoping for a text or call. She keeps herself busy with her job, her hobbies, and quality time with friends. When you make your life entertaining, you won’t have time to feel bad for yourself. You’ll be having too much fun! Living an exciting life will also make you a fascinating person, meaning no more boring conversations when the right man does want to connect with you.

2. Practice good self-esteem

Being ignored can be really hurtful, and frequently leads us to think there is something wrong with us. But sitting around and feeling bad for yourself is not high-value behaviour, nor is it healthy. Practice lifting yourself up in these situations. When a man has you feeling blue, pour more effort into loving yourself. Appreciate your personality, highlight your good traits. You will feel better about your situation, and that positivity will make others want to be around you too.

3. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you

There is more to your life than a man. When a man has you down, surround yourself with your friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else who makes you feel loved and appreciated. Pets count too! Meet up with your best friends for dinner out, get your nails manicured with your sister, or take your dog on an extra-long walk. Remembering that others find joy in being with you will help you keep your head high, and your mind off the fact that a man hasn’t called or texted you.

4. Be patient

If this man is serious about you, he will not leave you waiting for long. If he does end up ignoring you, think of it as a good thing! You saved yourself from a relationship with a person who doesn’t value you. Everything in life takes time, and love is no exception. Being desperate and chasing after people isn’t only a bad look, it could also be getting in the way of the relationship you deserve. Be patient and remind yourself that a man is not going to transform your life completely. Focus on truly important things, and love will follow.

We hope these steps were helpful for you. Never forget, you are a valuable, important person, regardless of how many men are interested in you. View these heartbreaks not as disasters, but as learning opportunities. With each perceived failure, you are closer to becoming the woman you want to be. So hold your head high, and don’t let lesser people drag you down.