5 Conversation Starters for Women

Starting a conversation is often deemed a man’s job. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why a guy may not approach you including shyness, fear of rejection or maybe he simply has not seen you yet. Though it’s not the conventional way, a woman can turn the tables by approaching the guy as long as she’s subtle enough not to spook him. Here are 5 conversation starters for women you can try.

1. Say Hey, smile and walk away. If you bump into this guy often in your building or at work or even in the mall, it’s likely that he knows you too. After a few bump-ins, coyly say hey as you walk past him and flash your best smile and then continue walking. If the guy is even remotely interested in you, he will stop you the next time you meet or follow you immediately.

2. Ask for permission. Would it be okay if i sit here?’ is one of the best lines ever invented. The line can work wonders whether you are in the bus, restaurant, club or church. Just make sure you flash a smile as you ask the question so he knows you are a nice person. You can follow up with a what a beautiful day’ as you sit down and then let him take it over from there.

3. I know you from somewhere. Fake recognition is an amazing conversation starter. Look at a guy and just say, i could swear i know you from somewhere. Where are you from?’ even if the guy realizes that you are faking it, he will still play along and get to know you more. Another great move is to go behind the guy, tap him on the shoulder and start chatting him up. When he turns around, look shocked and say you thought he was your friend peter. It will be a really hilarious way to start a conversation.

4. Ask for help. You don’t have to be in trouble to ask for help but it always makes a guy feel like a man. If you are in the store, lift up two pineapples or melons and ask him, how do you tell if it’s sweet?’ better yet, ask for help with something more manly like hardware stuff or cars. You could also be trying on some clothes and ask for his opinion. He will be delighted to help you and you can go from there.

5. Can i use your phone? Asking a guy to save you from trouble calls for his manly instincts to protect a woman. Just make sure your phone is off and you have a number in mind you can call. Once he helps you make the call, ask him how you can thank him or just ooze gratitude that he offers to buy you a drink to help you relax.

Chatting up a strange guy can seem like the hardest thing in the world but it’s not. With these tips, you can easily start a conversation with any man without him realizing you were approaching him. With perfect planning and a smile on your face, you can then allow him to go back to being the hunter by stepping back to your lane.