5 Dating Tips For Women

Dating can be a minefield, especially these days with the many different ways that there are to meet people. Whether you are freshly single or have been on the market for a long time, these dating tips for women should help you and give you the confidence that you need to possibly meet that special someone.

1. Do not be afraid of online dating – Using online websites to find people to date, have a casual relationship with or even more, is something that could work for you. There are so many advantages to joining legitimate dating websites and talking to a range of people. For one thing, you are there for the same reason as everyone else, there will be no awkward embarrassment like what could happen if you are in a club and misreading the signals from somebody. It’s important that you don’t tie yourself to one person however, the more people you meet – the better. Date several people from these websites, make sure that you meet in a public place at first and just have fun!

2. Make an effort with your appearance – It goes without saying that men are very visual creatures, looks is the first thing that they notice about you. Make sure that when you go on a date, you are dressed nicely but appropriate for the situation. You should have your hair done and be wearing a little makeup but don’t try to be something that you are not. If you are more of a casual kind of girl, then find something that is casual yet still eye-catching.

3. Keep conversation light and fun – In the first few dates with somebody, they do not want to hear about your family problems or your ex! You should make sure that things are kept lighthearted, have fun and joke around in addition to getting to know each other. Teasing is a way of flirting that has been happening for generations, so don’t be afraid to let your guard down and be silly.

4. Show your interest with body language – The way that you touch his hand, lean your body into his and make prolonged eye contact is how you show him that your interested. These small gestures say more than what words ever could and men find it so sexy, so use this to your advantage. Learn to read him too and reciprocate how he is acting in terms of your body language, you should also be prepared to back off if you are not getting positive signals in return.

5. Don’t be too clingy – Arranging another date immediately or constantly texting the person who you are interested in, can be such a turn off to men. He should know that your interested but you should also put the ball in his court. Don’t be too available, mention plans that you might have because its really important that he knows you have a life outside dating. If it’s written in the stars, you will continue dating despite you being a little aloof at first to make him work for it.