5 Reasons Why Being Single Is Awesome

For most of us, being single conjures up daunting images of dodgy dates, and nights spent alone crying over pizza. However, if you learn to embrace it, being single may be one of the most exciting and fulfilling periods of your life.

1. You can reconnect with loved ones

In relationships, we can tend to get wrapped up in our own bubble. Amidst the romantic dinners, nights watching Netflix, or hours spent arguing, we can forget to spend time with the people we love.

When you’re single, you will have time to reconnect. Whether it involves going for cocktails with your friends or visiting your family, you are bound to have fun when rebuilding these relationships.

Many of these relationships and friendships will have been in your life before your partner, and you might find that they are just as fulfilling as a romance.

2. You can work out what you want in a partner

Let’s face it, we all want to find ‘the one’. We have been taught by rom-coms and romance novels that we will find a partner who is perfect for us and grow old together.

If you are wanting to spend the rest of your life with just one person, you should probably make sure they are the right person. Take this time to go on dates and figure out what you find most valuable in a partner.

Then, when you find ‘the one’ you will be able to identify those valuable qualities in them. In the process, you might learn how to be a valuable partner yourself.

3. You can save money

Relationships cost money. With birthdays, anniversaries, and surprise dinners, your bank account can end up taking a beating.

When you’re single, the only person you have to spoil is yourself. Whether you choose to spend your money on shoes, an appointment with your hairdresser, or booking a holiday to somewhere exotic; the choice is completely up to you.

Earning your own money and choosing how you spend it can be incredibly empowering. And it doesn’t hurt to look great doing it in your new designer shoes.

4. You can be selfish

Relationships sometimes feel like a constant compromise. Putting someone else first may mean that we end up missing out on certain opportunities.

When you’re single, you can focus on finding out what makes you happy and pursue interests that you may have always wanted to try but never have.

This may mean taking that next step towards a promotion at your job, joining a local fitness club, or taking some time out to travel. Whatever you choose, putting yourself first and getting outside of your comfort zone can be incredibly rewarding!

5. You can learn to love yourself

Often, we spend so much time loving our partner, we forget to love ourselves. Great news – all of that love is now yours!

Being single means that you can learn to enjoy spending time with yourself. When you reach a point that you can be happy alone, without relying on anyone else, you will have truly conquered singledom!

By this point, you might think being single is so awesome that you want to avoid dating forever. However, this may be the point where you will be most ready to find a new partner, as you will know exactly what you want and will have the confidence to go out and find it.