Common Relationship Mistakes – 5 to Avoid

Relationships are an integral part of our society and something that most people seek to have, They take a ton of mutual work and commitment to achieve. Here are 5 relationship mistakes to avoid, in your quest for a happy, healthy, mutually beneficial relationship.

Avoiding conflict

It is important that you and your partner feel heard, do not avoid conflict in hopes that the disagreement will go away, while this will work for a short while, it will eventually lead to feelings of resentment in the relationship. Try to sit down and discuss how you’re feeling on a regular basis, your partner might not know that they’ve upset you. Discussing feelings makes them easier to manage and understand, so please don’t be afraid to tell your partner how you feel.

Fighting all the time

This seems counter-intuitive to the last suggestion, but too much arguing is a bad sign too. If you and your partner are at each-other’s throats over everything, it might be difficult to ever feel comfortable in your relationship. You should be able to feel at home in your relationship and with your partner.

Lacking empathy

Your partner should hear you and at least try to understand where you’re coming from when you talk about whats bothering you inside and outside of the relationship. Are they willing to compromise when you ask them not to stay out too late, do the commiserate when you tell them about a bad day? These are signs of respect and caring, if these simple gestures are something you can’t give to your partner or they cant give to you, something is very wrong.

Threatening to breakup

If you or your partner is threatening to leave every time you disagree you have a problem. Strong relationships are based on mutual commitment , by threatening to break up every time you disagree, you’re saying that the other person isn’t worth your time, your relationship isn’t worth the work and that you generally don’t care about the life you’ve built or are trying to build together. If you truly feel the urge to leave your partner every time you disagree, then do so, build a better life for yourself. If you’re just using it to end an argument, quit. It’s cruel, demeaning and selfish.

Getting too comfortable

Its great to be comfortable with another person, to know that you are loved and supported regardless of how you look, where you work or what you’re currently doing with you life, but you don’t want to get so comfortable that the spark dies. Even in a well established relationship it’s important to remind your partner how much they mean to you, sometimes a gesture as simple as wearing real clothes when you don’t have to leave the house, or grabbing them the pastry they like from the bakery on your way home can go a long way.

It’s also good not to get stuck in your routine, try something new on occasion, whether its a new restaurant, hobby or a staycation, its important to mix things up and keep the spark alive.