6 Clear Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

A break up is one thing many people dread about, but it’s something that happens every now and then due to factors such as cheating or long distances. When it happens, you know you have to set yourself up for a tough, fresh beginning. You have to accept the fact that you’ll no longer be cuddling or hanging out exclusively with your ex-lover again. In some cases, however, some people may show interest in getting back together, and they react in a completely differently way.

The Signs your ex wants you back

1. They talk about the future

If your ex keeps talking about the future with you in it, it could be a clear indication that they’ve been considering reconciliation and hope to revive the relationship in the near future. It means your former lover still imagines a future with you and is indirectly asking you to think about getting back together.

2. They call for you for lame reasons

Usually, when people break up and are unwilling to give reconciliation a chance they don’t contact their former lovers (unless probably they need some security deposit back. So if your ex does contact you, there’s a likelihood that they are trying to reopen the communication lines with the aim of winning you back. This could be true especially if the reasons they’re contacting you are
essentially random or pointless.

3. They talk about the good memories

Does your ex talk about a place you used to hang out together ? Or do they remind you of a certain anniversary? When your ex starts talking about some of the good times you had, it can be a sign that they want you back. It definitely means that they miss the fun and good times you shared during the relationship, and also want you to recall those same moments. They could be doing that with the hope of making you feel the love again.

4. They ask about you

Inquiring about you repeatedly can be a strong hint that your ex-lover still harbours feeling for you. They will go out of their way just to find how you are including hitting up your close friends, relatives and even you. If you still feel the love for them, there’s a high probability that you will reciprocate it.

5. They tell their friends

Another possible sign is if they tell their friends what they feel about you. If your former lover truly misses you and is interested in you even after a break up, you’ll likely encounter many their friends coming to you and revealing
secretly how much they still miss you and want you.

6. They bump into you regularly

Do you keep bumping into your ex every now & then, just out of the blue? This could be a coincidence if it happens rarely, but if it becomes a daily or weekly affair, chances are that your former lover has been keeping tabs about your daily plans & activities. And yes, they’re trying to have you back in their life in the hope of starting the relationship all over again.