6 Tips To Improve Your Relationship With A Guy

Is your relationship going through a rough time? All relationships at some point need a little boost to fire up the spark again. You need to look for remedies to make your partner feel appreciated, desired, loved and thought about. In connection you also feel the romance revamped. Irrespective of your aim, below are some of the magical tips used to make virtually all types of relationships work.

Always talk – All relationships are made of good communication. If your partner does something you do not like, take initiative and strike a conversation to talk about it. In case of a fight you need to listen to the explanation and accept the apology they have to offer. Always make sure to inform him or her how they makes you a better person and how they do that. Complement each other genuinely, this makes your partner feel appreciated and loved. Give your lover a positive comment every now and then and recommend any changes they need to make. Communication is key to make any relationship work.

Surprise your partner – Surprises are known to work magic when it comes to romance. You can just write him a love note and leave it in a place where it will be easily seen, secretly subscribe him to that magazine he likes, send them a nicely decorated bouquet of flowers to the office, hide a gift for them in the house to make up for a bad day or even secretly organise for a trip out of town for the weekend. This and many more surprises will earn you that extra space in your better half’s heart you have always desired.

Never compare your loved one with your ex – You need to get rid of your formers to make it with your present. Never compare anything your partner does with what your ex used to do. Avoid phrases that make someone think you wish you were with another person. Accept your lover for who he/she is and what he/she is doing and how they are doing it. When you learn to do this, you find the bonds between the two of you naturally tightening without any effort.

Help each other out – In a relationship you are a team and team mates always help each other out. Try something like picking their dry cleaning, make breakfast for her while she is sleeping and take it to bed for her, fix something that your mate has not gotten around to fixing like a torn shirt or an old bracelet. Assist each other in house chores like doing the dishes and taking out the garbage.

Get sexy for each other – Sex is one of the basic most fundamental requirements of any relationship. Couples must try as much to maintain their sexual life as lively as possible. Dedicate a special day exclusively to sex, no phones, no mails, just staying in bed all day. Tell each other what you would like to experiment, try to blind fold your partner and handcuff them. Go to the bathroom together, squeeze his/her bottom when you hug each other and you can also write each other erotic text messages.

Maintain good manners during arguments – During an argument, it might be very difficult to maintain your politeness. However you should try as much to maintain your cool and avoid calling your partner names and even engaging in fights in front of other people.

This are some of the major guidelines you need to keep that romantic ball rolling while avoiding speed bumps at the same time.