How To Attract The Type Of Man You Want

The truth is, the law of attraction is a very funny thing, but what we need to bear in mind is the type of men whom we want to attract. Once that has been established, then the task is now on getting a way or ways to attract this person. It is however, also important to note that while you seek to attract a particular type of man, there will always be men who are attracted to you. We also need to be wary of this as if we feel it was the negative about us that attracted the person (as we sometimes know), then the catch might not be worth the trouble. This article will highlight some possible considerations for every woman’s diary in a bid to know how to attract men.

Grooming and Attire:

If you are on the single side and are intent on finding a partner, you might not want to take out the garbage in that icky head tie or that ‘old wives’ tale’ type looking frock from the days of Mother Hubbard. Likewise, if you’re going to the grocery store, it might serve you well to actually comb your hair and put on a nice skirt/shorts and top. The fact of the matter is that good men will pop up just about anywhere; they just might not notice you. This means that the new guy across the road might be ‘the one’ and just needs to ‘see’ you. But it also means that the professional looking guy in the checkout line might be on the market. Do you really think he’s going to look at you a second time if you look unkempt? I doubt it. Regardless of how near or far you’re going, or whether or not you intend to come out of your car, if you’re on the market, keep yourself looking attractive. Incidentally, this rule also applies for married women (in a bid to keep husbands attracted) but that’s another story.


Because sexy is! Again, it might be a charming guy at work (or even the boss, stuff happens) who is interested in you, or is a potential. While you need to look good and look professional, you also need to ACT the part! Men like to date ‘worthy’ women if they are searching beyond one night. In this regard, the ability to respectfully let down your hair and command respect is a definite plus.

Charm and charisma:

Men like a woman who is charming and can make them laugh. While you do not want to border on flirty with any and everyone for obvious reasons, it is good to be able to light up a room. While this might be an innate trait, the ability to be free spirited at times and socialize will help in creating an attractive image. You can, however, have a little fun with the one whom your eyes are on; keep him interested and spark the friendship.


Contrary to popular belief, the need for an independent woman does not mean that the man is mean. What this means is that a man who is seriously searching for a partner will see that his efforts will be easier to meet where life goals and family are concerned. It is a burden when only one partner is bringing in a pay check, unless of course the salary of the single partner is that good. But even if you are going to be a stay at home mom or partner, it is good to know that you can make decisions independently if it is warranted.

Now if you have accomplished the initial task of getting the attention of the man you desire, the onus is now on you to simply be yourself and have fun, should you secure a date. If it flows naturally and you have the preceding basics, you’re in for a good turnout. Good luck.