How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

You like him and you definitely want more, the good news is the different ways to get a guy to ask you out are easy to implement. The bad news is, you have to be tactful or everything will blow up in your face.

The right mindset to have

The key is to act as a catalyst and nothing more. Balance is your friend and coming off as desperate is your enemy. Thus, keep in mind that it is better to do too little, rather than too much and risk seeming desperate. That said, let’s get right into it.

Flirt with him

Initiate light and playful conversations that subtly convey interest. Teasing works best since it will get both of you on a similar humor wavelength. Incorporating a compliment works even better. Tell him that his shirt is a bit girly but it looks good on him, or anything else in the same fashion.

Initiate playful contact

Go a step further and back it up with some action. Put your hands over his eyes from behind, take his backpack and run away with it, hide his pen behind your back, gently tap his arm disguising it as animated conversation, etc. However, tailor such actions to the mood.

Have positive body language

Come off as inviting by dropping hints with your body language. Look into his eyes for a moment longer (not too long or you will appear creepy). Lean in when speaking to him, look at the ground and act all shy once in a while and so forth.

Dress the part but be yourself

Guys are visual creatures and putting extra effort into looks may pay with a date. But, do not try to morph into someone you are not. Be modest too, putting everything out there will only pass the wrong message.

Find common grounds

As you converse, note the things the two of you could do together. If it’s football or any other sport for that matter, mention casually that you will be attending a match and ask him to join you. It the both of you are foodies, tell him about that new restaurant you have always wanted to try, etc.

Make things happen

As you pass by a coffee shop, feign hunger and casually suggest that you guys should grab a coffee and some snacks. If he was headed somewhere, join in and claim you were headed there too. At this point, it is important to reiterate – moderation, please.

Be fun

Above all, be fun. Make sure conversions are “happy conversations” 90% of the time. The point is to subtly advertise yourself as girlfriend material. Do not complain, whine, slander, etc.

Ask for his help

If pulled off right, the damsel in distress card works like a charm. Ask for his help on things you know he is good at.

Convey your availability

Make sure he knows you are single. Weave it into banter by asking what he thinks single people should do before commencing dating. Whatever his answer, suggest that you will try it.

If all the above scheming sounds like a chore, ask him out and be done with it. The worst that can happen is rejection.