Importance Of Communication To Fix A Broken Relationship

Do you think your relationship is breaking up? Want to give things a second chance? I have experienced a few relationship breakdowns in the past and they have always been a painful process. Needless to say, if you feel really attracted to a person and you think it is worth salvaging, then you should do your utmost to fix it. There are several reasons why relationships can break down – it may be that you are not communicating effectively or there may be a plain mistake committed by somebody. Understanding the root cause is a vital part in trying to get your relationship back on track. This should be explored both sides of the equation and could also be useful in the healing process.

Improving your Communication

A communication gap or misunderstanding is the commonest reason of relationship breakdowns. Communication is a two way process and both yourself and your partner need to appreciate the importance of this. Effective communication will more than make up the differences between your personalities. Communication should be focused on not just the facts but also offering emotional support and empathy towards each other. Criticism should be constructive and it is about accepting and not resisting arguments from your partner.

Once you have reached the state of acceptance then you can then start changing yourself into a better person. By being positive and implementing these changes you can solve a lot of difficulties in your relationship. Some people resist this change because they think that puts them in an inferior position, but a successful relationship relies on both sides making compromises. If you are willing to offer something to salvage your relationship, the chances are so will your partner.

Once both of you have reached a steady state, it is time to commit yourselves to these changes and renew your relationship to its previous state. If you revert back to your old ways, then things would deteriorate again and you will find yourself in the same situation as before. A lot of people fail in their relationships and find themselves in a vicious cycle of repetitive breakdowns. This is because they promise to change themselves but then are not willing to stick to them in the long run.


Repairing your relationship can be a daunting task for any individual. However, with the right level of communication and change anybody can fix their relationship breakdowns. If you are willing to be forgiving and start afresh, your partner would likely give the relationship another chance. Nobody in this world is perfect so we just have to adapt to each other and accept the faults of other individuals.