Inspiration for the Most Important Date

So you’ve found someone you like, you’ve asked them out and they’ve said yes. The hardest part is over right? Wrong! The biggest obstacle to any relationship is the first date. It has to be good enough that you have plenty of time to talk and find out about each other, but also special enough that you’ll each want to go on a second date. All too often, people make the mistake of thinking a trip to the movies is the ideal first date as it isn’t too formal, and you can be nice and relaxed. That’s a great idea in theory, but you spend the entire date in silence, or worse, you make a socially awkward, cheesy move. To avoid those pitfalls, and increase your chances of getting another date, check out some of our first date ideas.

Brunch – it’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it offers an informal setting for you to get to know one another. The best part about brunch is, if it’s going well you have plenty of time to extend the date into the evening; especially if you combine it with some of our other ideas.

Geocaching – if money is a problem, then this low cost date could be for you. All you need is a free signup to the geocaching website, and a GPS enabled phone. Then you simply find a nice romantic spot to go for a walk, and whilst out pick up some geocaches. It couldn’t be simpler, yet it definitely makes a date one to remember. Just make sure you’re both dressed appropriately; formal dinner attire and a romantic walk aren’t a good combination!

Cookery class – taking a cookery class together is actually a lot of fun. There’s plenty of time to talk (well what else are you going to do whilst your creation is in the oven?), you get to learn a new skill, and the second date follows on seamlessly as you try and re-create what you’ve learnt at your house. Try and pick a class that is a style of cooking you both like to eat.

Bowling – it’s an old favorite for a reason! Informal, plenty of opportunity to laugh and a little competition to release some of the pre-date nerves. Try and pick an alley that has some old-school charm to it, or one that isn’t too noisy. You still need to be able to hear each other.

Picnic – either at the park, or at the beach, a picnic shows that you’re willing to put some effort in. Make it extra special by positioning your picnic to get a fantastic view of the sunset, or some evening stargazing, and you’re almost guaranteed a second date.

The most important thing to remember when picking somewhere for a first date is it has to be suitable to both of you. It shouldn’t need pointing out, but if your date is a vegetarian then a meat feast restaurant isn’t a great idea! Wherever you pick, make sure your date is happy with the suggestion. If they don’t sound sure, then there’s a whole extra hurdle to get past before you can show them whilst you’re worthy of a second date and a relationship.