Is He Serious About You or Just “Interested”?

At the beginning of a possible or an actual relationship, most women tend to have doubts whether the person they like is serious about them. This is quite normal, considering that as humans when we like or love someone, we tend to act at our best behavior to please that one person. There are many ways to know if your potential partner or someone that you have started to date recently is serious about you. Read the passages below and learn some of the points that will help you answer your question.

• He makes plans with you
When you go out together or when you text him, he tells you he wants to go watch a new movie with you or he thought of sending you to his favorite bar. This translates to the idea that he is comfortable to be with you in public.

• Do you want to go out with my friends?
Most men are very connected to their friends. They usually think a lot when it comes to presenting you to their crew. If a guy invites you to go to a party with his friends than take it as a good sign, he does not do this very often.

• He texts you throughout the day
Texting has become a part of our daily lives. If a guy doesn’t text you at least once per day than he is not very interested in you. If a guy respects you then he will find the time (no matter how busy he is) to send you a “how are you?” text.

• Calls you once in while
If a guy calls you just to hear your voice than he most definitely likes you. Simply put, would you call someone that you don’t like just to have a conversation randomly? The answer is most probably no.

• Wants to meet with you more often
“Do you have time for a quick drink tomorrow?” If you receive invites from your potential guy to meet more than once per week it surely means he wants to get to know you.

• Asks you about your personal life & your goals
Stop and think what kind of conversations are you having with this guy? Is he asking you something about your future goals, or is he talking all the time about his ex-girlfriends and how much he makes at work? If a guy is interested about your personal goals and desires, than he is indirectly letting you know he wants all the details about you.

• Emphasizes why he enjoys spending time with you
Mentioning the reason why he enjoys seeing and getting to spend time with you means he wants you to be part of his life.

Remember, the key to creating a healthy relationship is the ability to communicate freely with your partner. Not all people are the same, thus, some man might have a greater difficulty to express their feelings or imply they are serious about you. Therefore, ask your guy directly if you are not sure whether he is thinking to create something with you in the future. Ask him calmly to be sincere and emphasize that you are a strong woman, so regardless of what he says you will accept it and move on.