Making First Contact With Your Ex After A Breakup

So right now, almost a month since you made any contact with your former lover. Excellent Job! Very few people get to this point because they normally break down and contact their ex. At this moment, you are now ready for the first big message. Your former lover will certainly disappear if he or she notices that you are trying to seduce him or her. Ensure you read this article very carefully and do precisely as it says if you want to get your ex back again.

The first message should show your thinking about him, but you do not intend to get back together. Therefore, you should have a good reason to message your former boyfriend. Just messaging to say hi will clearly reveal that you miss him. Sending a message to say hi, will certainly not work, and your one-time lover will not come back into your life in any capacity.

Let’s first of all look at an example, and I will clearly explain why it is an effective first message:

“Hi John – Just wanted to ask the name of that watch store. Am trying to find a particular gift for a girlfriend. Hope you are ok!!”

The good thing about this message is that you are texting your former boyfriend for a superb reason. All, you want, is the name of that watch store, which is an excellent excuse to text him. Another good thing about this message is that it does not sound desperate or needy. Finally, the last part of the message looks very cordial because you are not forcing him to text you back.

Let’s look at another example:

“Hi Richard – I went to watch the Celtic game last night, and it was much fun!!! Hope all is well.”

Let’s assume that your former boyfriend was a Celtic fan. By texting your former boyfriend (or girlfriend) about something they love to do, shows that you are thinking about them, and you do not sound desperate. Another thing about this message is that it does not call for action. You are not expecting any reply, and you are not asking for advice.

Using the above two examples as a template, you can effectively open the floodgate of communication with your ex.

What happens if you receive a reply?

Well, the following might happen. First, you might not get a response at all. If this happens, don’t be discouraged. There are many reasons why people will never get back to you. If you do get a reply wait for a few days (I would recommend a week) and text him something similar. Secondly, you might get a reply, but it might be something very boring and short. Lastly, you might get a full response.

With the second and last scenarios, follow these rules:

  1. Don’t reply back right away- If you text your ex  right away you will look desperate.
  2. Reply with something short – Don’t write a novel, reply with something short and sweet.
  3. Ensure that you are the one that ends the interaction – This will show that you don’t miss him or her too much.

Good luck as you get back with your former lover, and hopefully you will not break up a second time!