Proven Ways to Get a Guy to Like You

Loving or being fond of another person without receiving the same in return can be more than frustrating. The situation can be even worse if it is a lady who is involved in such a challenging condition. This is because there is wide belief that it is the responsibility of a man, and not a lady, to make the first move. Anyway, what if a lady happens to meet a guy that she likes a lot, but she is not sure whether he feels the same? Such a situation can be tricky and can keep a lady up all night, feeling lost and trying to figure out how to go about it. Here are some proven ways on how to get a guy to like you.

Use Your Body Language

In most cases, physical attraction is the main instigator for a conversation. Attractiveness is a pure way to unconsciously give a clue that you are healthy, happy, productive and fit. You may not be a lady of his type, but sending out non-verbal clues using your body language will definitely give him clues that you are interested. In this regard, you should be looking good and feeling your best as this will make the guy sense some sort of confidence, which is frankly attractive to men. It has been scientifically proven that we naturally tend to lean towards something we like without knowing it. This trick can be essential as you can slightly lean towards him without saying anything, and in most cases, the two of you will
strike a great conversation.

Try to Mimic is His Movements

It can never be doubted that we get attracted to people who we share certain similarities. Human beings tend to like people who they are similar to, and are likely to strike a conversation with someone who they share some things in common. In this sense, a guy will probably get mesmerized if you mirror his movements, gestures as this is a clear indication that you are interested. If you are meeting him for the first time, it is advisable to mimic some of his movement in a timed manner. For instance, take a sip from your drink when he does while making sure that it’s not too obvious.

Keep Him Close

The attraction theory of proximity states that we tend to get attracted to people we see more often. If you meet him once or twice and feel like he is the one, then you may organize on how to meet him once in a while without stalking him. Similarity may play a significant role here in the sense that you may have met in the gym, library or at his or your favorite spot. If you hit a conversation on your first meeting, then you should tell him that you would wish to hang out with him again.

Spill the Beans

Reliable research shows that you will lighten up and appear much more attractive to those around you when you are talking about your passion or something you love. In this regard, talking about something you love will raise your attractiveness and help in creating closeness to him.

Get His Adrenaline Racing

Excitement that is generated by the adrenaline will probably create some level of attractiveness. Experiencing same adrenaline arousal will get him to like you. In this sense, taking him to a roller coaster, or watching a scary movie together will make him to like you and the two of you are likely to be cuddling very soon.