Saving Your Marriage With Counselling

Statistical figures estimate that 40-50 percent off all marriages in the USA end up in divorce. This means that in every 10 couples at least 4 of the will get divorced. This is probably the highest figure in the world but not to say that in other countries divorce is not an issue. Increase in divorce rate is an emerging trend worldwide and has a lot of negative effects to the society at large. However, the saddest part is the fact that almost all divorces are caused by petty issues that can be easily resolved through counselling. Counselling for couples started in the 1930’s and is probably the best short to save your union.

How it works

Counselling basically involves consulting a third party to help you iron out the issues you are facing. This third party is normally a professional marriage counselor trained in psychology or any other related profession. However, some people can choose to get counselling from a mutual friend whom they are both comfortable with.

Benefits of counselling

The major benefit of getting counselling is that you get to save your union which is good for both of you and your children if you have any. Other benefits may include.

  • It helps improve communication between couples. Lack of communication between couples is a major cause of divorce since they are not able to express what they are feeling or thinking.
  • The counselor acts as a mediator to couples and hence helps them find common ground on their issues. Finding common ground involves literally losing some ground which is normally not easy due to pride.
  • It also helps to identify the real issue affecting the marriage instead of focusing on superficial issues that many couples tend to use as cover up. You cannot solve a problem without getting to the root cause of the problem.
  • Counseling helps to teach both of you on how to pull together instead of pushing each other way. In many relationships you might live under the same roof, sharing the same bed but in reality you are worlds apart.
  • It is a good method for you to learn conflict resolution. In reality there your union cannot be perfect and conflicts are bound to arise regularly but what keeps you going is to know how to amicably resolve them.
  • Many people assume that you should seek help only when your marriage is in the rocks. This is not true at all, engaging a professional for help even when things are going well provides you with resources to make the marriage stronger and fulfilling for both partners.
  • Separation for any couples mostly affects their children more. If counseling is the only way to keep you together even just for the sake of the kids then it is an option that as a parent you should willingly take.

Before you think about filing for that divorce, first find solutions to that problem you think is too big by seeking help from a
professional. This might be the only missing link to your happily ever after tale. Also remember there is no such thing as an irreconcilable difference.