Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Let’s face it – we don’t live in a fairy-tale world where we marry the perfect Prince Charming and live happily ever after. Maybe the honeymoon period lasts a little longer for some couples than it does for others, but it eventually ends. In some cases, it might end with a mutual separation where both parties part in a civil manner without hurting the other. However, there are many instances where there are children involved, and divorce is an extremely difficult option for the family, so the couple stays together, but a husband might not be as faithful as he was once before. However, the question we find ourselves asking is “am I being paranoid, or is my husband actually cheating on me?”

So what exactly are the signs your husband is cheating on you?

Firstly, this is your man. You should know him better than anyone else. Did he always go to the gym? Did he always dress nicely when going out? Was his appearance always a priority of his? It might have been in the beginning, when you started dating, but at some point he got comfortable around you and no longer put in an effort. However, if his appearance has become a priority recently, then that might be the first sign of his infidelity. But don’t overthink it just yet, there is still a chance he is doing it all for you.

Secondly, did you notice a change in how private he is now? Discreet phone calls, making sure you can’t read what he’s texting, hurriedly checking every message? But, when you try to reach him, he is unreachable on more than one instance. Strange? Definitely!

Thirdly, you notice a change in his attitude towards your relationship. Once upon a time, sex was all you wanted. You would go at it more than once, with an intensity and passion that turned your world upside down. But now, he doesn’t seem that interested in having sex, at least not with you. If he does give in to your seduction, it doesn’t feel the same, like it lacks passion, like he’s putting on an act. If you think this is just what marriage is like, there are other attitude towards you that you can analyze: his friend’s. If your husband was cheating on you, there is a good chance that his friend will know about it. Knowing the truth will make it difficult or awkward for his friend to interact with you. So if both your husband and his closest friend’s attitude towards you has changed, then you have another sign.

Lastly, there’s actual evidence. Your husband has come home every night at 6pm, but suddenly, he is staying out longer more frequently, with various excuses as to why he is home late. Also, you noticed a few discrepancies in your monthly credit card statement, such as unusual charges, or you’ve noticed there is less money in your bank account. This could be all the evidence you need to finally confront your husband about his faithfulness.

We all wish for the perfect loyal husband, but we can’t get everything we want. In the instance that you do end up with a lying, cheating husband, the best thing you can do is find out the truth. Otherwise, you are just the fool married to a cheater.