Steps To Get Back Out There After a Breakup

Break ups can be tough but unfortunately they are a part of life that needs to be dealt with. One of the most difficult things after a break up is getting back out there, but finding somebody new is one of the best things that you can do to move on.

– Although a new relationship can help you move on, you should not date too fast and for all the wrong reasons. You should make sure that you are over your ex, perhaps not 100% but at least so you are not thinking about them all the time. Being with somebody else while you still have have strong feelings for your ex would not be fair on either of you.

– You should try and learn from any mistakes that you made in your last relationships, this could be in regards to the type of character that you should (or shouldn’t go for) or some of your own personality traits that you need to work on. If you went for a party loving, immature guy for example and it didn’t work out – go for somebody different who you would not have maybe considered previously. If you was constantly jealous in your previous relationship, working on your confidence can help greatly in trusting another person which is key in building a healthy partnership.

– Dating and getting into a relationship are too extremely different things. The last thing that you need right now, is to be tied down to one person so get out there and just have fun. Try online dating and accept social invitations, dates with different people will mean that you are more likely to find what you need in the long term. If you meet somebody who has staying power then you will definitely know but just take things slow.

– Make time for YOU, looking after yourself will boost your confidence which will make the dating game easier. Do whatever it is that makes you happy, whether that be a hobby or spending time with friends. A new haircut and some retail therapy always does the trick too.

– Now that you have aged and matured, it’s important not to play the game anymore. You are above things like the “wait 3 days to text him” kind of stage. If you like somebody then let them know (not a clingy way though of course!) Life is too short to have regrets and we only wish we could change the things that we didn’t do.


After a breakup, you might have sworn yourself off potential lovers and relationships, but make sure that this phase does not last forever. As the saying goes, one of the best ways to get over somebody, is to get under somebody else. This connotation is perhaps a little crude in its meaning but moving on and having fun again is the first step in finding that special someone who is meant to be in your life. Following the above new relationship and dating tips could help you greatly in moving on with your life.