Surviving in a long distance relationship

We all love love, don’t we? No matter in what shape or form it comes. We can love ourselves, our friends, our siblings, our parents, but nothing is as unique as the love that you hold for your special other, the one that holds your heart. Traditionally, the scenario would be that two people meet, they fall in love, they get married and they live happily ever after; but recent times are more complicated than that, adding a modern spin on the whole situation- doing it online.

Long distance relationships are exactly what you would expect them to be, and then some. The traditional scenario is transported into a virtual world, where two people meet each other on a chat, on social media, on a forum, and then they start talking about a topic or about one another. Progressively they gain feelings for each other, and once they admit to their feelings they get into a long distance relationship. Now, the state and evolution of these relationships are dependent on the people and the distance between the two of them, but we all know one big issue with those kinds of relationships: lack of physical contact.

Imagine being able to feel anything and everyone, except for the one that you would want to feel most. Given the difficulty of the situation, that I personally understand and am a part of currently, we are providing you with tips on coping with a long distance relationship.

1) Keep in contact with each other

You can perform this in any way that you want, but we cannot stress the importance of communication, especially in a long distance relationship; because, to be honest, that’s all you have. You must message, voice call, video call, send letters, anything, to your loved one. Do all in your power to keep in touch, and don’t ever forget to be completely truthful about who you are with one another. Be careful that you don’t trade your own individuality and your personal time for the sake of the relationship. After all, the purpose of one is for two to grow separately, as individuals, and together, as a whole.

2) Integrate them into your life

What better way for your special one to feel like they are truly part of your life than you showing how that life looks like? Give them pictures or a video tour of your residence, take pictures of your street or your town, video call them while you are outside and show them how your town looks like. They will feel like they truly reside in your universe, and that’s necessary for the two of you to have a long distance relationship that works.

On the same note, do not keep personal details hidden. That never does any good. Be honest and tell them everything that goes through your mind, you won’t regret it. Tell them about the people in your life, have them meet them. The ones that are the most important are obviously the parents and the siblings, but your best friends are a big part of your life as well so your significant other should meet them as well.

3) Plan your activities

What do traditional couples do, other than have physical contact? They watch movies, they go out in the park, they stay in bed all day, they play- so why not find ways to do those things online? You can definitely watch movies together, you can have both of you go out in a park and video call one another, staying in bed is resolved the same, and regarding games, we all know that there are plenty out there to play with your loved one.But that might not be enough.

While love is amazing and it sends an electrifying rush throughout your body from head to toe, a long distance relationship has to have a vital aspect: a date when the two of you will meet. Do your best to be able to meet your loved one, but plan your activities beforehand. You wouldn’t want to get caught up in the moment and make no memories with them while they visit you, or you visit them. Try to meet them as much as possible because nothing else will bring you more joy in life than having them by your side.

So those are the ways in which you can cope with a long distance relationship. We hope we helped and we wish the two of you luck with our whole hearts.