Text Your Ex Back Review

How can sending text messages possibly convince your ex to give the relationship another shot? This Text Your Ex Back review will examine if this method answers it in the pages of this book. Author Michael Fiore explains that while this is a somewhat unconventional approach, appropriately using the ubiquitous text message to mend your relationship appears to be quite possible. In fact, it is quite a brilliant solution to an ever present problem.

Getting it Just Right

The power in the text message comes from its precision. It allows you to say exactly what you mean; nothing more and nothing less. Accomplishing this in a conversation when emotions are high and feelings are hurt is exceedingly difficult. Communicating in the right way is crucial when you make your initial efforts to reconcile, as it is all too easy to say hurtful or careless things that make getting back together nearly impossible.

When you follow the recommendations set forth in the text your ex back program, you prevent any unintended communication from slipping into the conversation and setting yourself back. The texts are quite deliberate, and are designed to send a very specific message. Each stage of the process will entail the sending of different types of texts crafted to accomplish very specific goals. This will all lead up to the first time you see your ex again, and will set the stage for a mature and productive interaction.

Eliciting the Right Emotions

The SMS messages you send will all be composed in such a way as to evoke a specific emotional response. The secret is to tap into the positive feelings your former partner felt throughout your relationship. You want him or her to be reminded of how things felt before you ran into the problems that caused your breakup. If you can encourage your former to look beyond the recent issues that have plagued the two of you, you can alter the emotional environment for the better. The types of messages provided by text your ex back are meant to do just this; and to alter the way the two of you see each other and wipe the slate clean of the negativity that causes the breakup.

By focusing on the positives and eliminating the chances of getting stuck in a negative conversation that makes things worse, text your ex back will help you avoid the most common pitfalls that you might encounter when trying to patch things up. You will have a channel for positive communication, and can work on making things better without the risk of making them worse.

Specifics of the Program

This guide offers a ton of helpful advice that will help you get your foot back in the door and start repairing the damage that has been done to your relationship.

Some of the specific things you will learn by reading the book include:

  • Why most reconciliation attempts fail, and how to make your succeed
  • How to elicit the right emotions with your SMS communications
  • What not to say when you write your ex
  • How to put the focus back on the positive aspects of your relationship
  • How to customize your texts for maximum affect
  • How to figure out what to say when you meet face to face
  • Expert Advice From a Pro

What is included (The Four Stages)

Stage one: of the text your ex back program uses the “Across the Bow” set of message templates to make initial contact with your ex, re-establishing some connection between you. Once you have made first contact and started communicating, you are then taken to the next stage.

Stage two: is known as the “Best of Relationship” stage. Here, you will be using a set of message templates that trigger the emotional reaction of reminding your former partner of the way he or she felt about you during the moments that they found special about your relationship. This has the effect of bringing back the old feelings your ex had for you during the best times that you were together. When these feeling come back, you will find that you are now in a much stronger position to get your ex back in your arms.

Stage three: is the “Green Eyed Monster & Intimacy Booster” where your communications will make your ex stop having negative thoughts about you and to start having positive emotional feelings about you. This will then make him or her start to think about potentially getting back together with you.

Stage four: the final stage, is “Emotional Honesty”. Here you will express yourself emotionally, revealing your deepest feelings for your ex partner and solidify the idea of a reconciliation and giving your relationship a second chance to succeed. Here you will also show that you are committed to make this happen.

Note of Caution

Text Your Ex Back may not work for everyone, and this is because I honestly believe that there are relationships which may have gone beyond the point of no return or there are special circumstances where even with the best efforts and intentions you are just not able to get your ex back. I have also found that sometimes it is because some people have purchased the program but failed to use it properly. For example, some people may be too eager and skip certain steps in the process. It is recommended you do not do this and try to go through each step of the program one by one.

Final Verdict

Michael Fiore clearly knows his stuff, and text your ex back is more than a collection of clever messages to send. It will teach you some important lessons about relationships and how they work, and will give you some new tools to keep your relationship going strong after the reconciliation. I would recommend you start by watching the Michael Fiore free video presentation so that you are fully aware of how this program works. Once you then decide this program is for you, you can download it by making a one time payment to purchase the program. Click to view the Michael Fiore free video presentation