Top Traits That Men Are Looking For In Women

Have you ever wondered what qualities men are looking for in women? Contrary to what you might think, It is not all about good looks, fame or celebrity power. A lot of men just want a good down-to-earth partner who they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Although all men are different, there are some common traits that are deemed highly desirable. Having these will make men take notice of you and want to know you better.

Top 6 Character Traits

1) Self confidence – A relationship is not just about a one-way street. A lot of women think that if they subject themselves to all the wishes of their partner it would make the men feel in control. In fact, most mature men appreciate a level of self confidence and independence in their partners. They want them to help in making important decisions and respect their need to have their own world. Keep in contact with your friends and social circles. Success in a woman’s life helps to balance out the dynamics of the relationship and make it more stable.

2) Emotional stability – Some women go into an emotional wreck when things go wrong in a relationship. This would sound alarming bells for a man who is in the stage of knowing you. Men appreciate women who has the maturity to discuss things openly and honestly in any situation. In other words, rather than going into mental breakdown try to remain composed and talk things through. It is easier said than done but things like relaxation techniques and counselling may help.

3) Good personality – Most men want a partner who is outgoing and fun to be with. Injecting some humor into a relationship is always a good start. They don’t want a woman who doesn’t show any passion or lack interest in their relationship. In other words, find ways to maintain that connection between you when you went out on your first date. Mix things up a bit to keep things interesting. Go outdoors or do some activities together to break down that monotony.

4) Show a bit of jealousy – Men appreciate the feeling of being wanted so a bit of jealousy may actually be a good thing. Obviously, you don’t want to be over the top and act paranoid. It makes your man feel how important the relationship is to you. He will feel in control and confide his innermost thoughts with you.

5) Intelligence – Men don’t just want women with good looks. They appreciate women who can think on her feet and act as his equal. They want their ideal woman to have real substance but be humble at the same time.

6) Femininity – Men always like a bit of sensuality thrown into the mix. Some women just stop dressing up or putting on make-up once they get drawn into a relationship. You need to show your man that you are desirable and attractive. On an occasional night, surprise him by putting on something fanciful and take him out to a romantic dinner. Embrace your feminine side and he will love you for it.